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Rhythm is a fundamental component of music and a key element in accurate and effective musical performance. The ability to understand and interpret rhythmic notation is a valuable tool and enables a musician to read, write and perform in diverse musical situations. As the title implies, this online book is geared for all musicians who wish to develop, improve or practice their rhythmic reading.

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This book was written to help you make the most out of the 'Rhythm For All' - Level I and improve your writing abilities. From my experience as a teacher, I have encountered many students who can read quite well but face difficulty and challenges with writing rhythm. The secret of success lies in practice. That is why I wrote this book, where dictations fit the lessons in 'Rhythm For All' - Level I. Enjoy your work Rony Holan

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Whole Note, Half Note, Quarter Note
Eighth and Quarter Note Combinations
Time Signatures 6/8 The Triplet Half Note Triplets
The Dotted Eighth Note Combined with Sixteenth Notes and Rests
Addition of Rests to Sixteenth Note Patterns
Eighth Note interpreted with a Swing Feel
The Tie Combination of 4/4 and Cut Time Signatures
Changing Time Signatures-Introducing 5/4 and 5/8

Rhythm For All


Dictation Exercises

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Rony Holan

Rony Holan is one of the outstanding Jazz musicians in Israel, often invited to play with top international performers, including David Liebman, Sam Rivers, Benny Golson, James Moody, Eddy Daniels, Lou Solof and Frank Gambale.

Born in Jerusalem, Rony Holan is an accomplished musician and one of Israel’s premier jazz drummers. While completing his musical studies in France, he played with a number of top French musicians and was the drummer for the Monte Carlo Big Band.
Rony played in numerous musical productions at the Habima and Cameri theaters in Tel Aviv and has participated in many international jazz festivals. In addition to his collaboration with Israel’s best musicians, he has accompaniel jazz legends includingDavid Liebman, Benny Golson, James Moody, Eddy Daniels andLou Soloff. Currently, he performs with the Yaron Gottfried Trio and with his own group playing his original compositions. He also wrote the music for Khalil Gibran’s masterpiece “The Prophet” and “Yom” (Day) an extended composition for seven musicians. As an educator, Rony is a sought-after drumming mentor and was one of the first teachers to join the staff of the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. He is a professor of Jazz Studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance where he earned a Master of Music degree.

Rony has published several method books including: Rhythm For All I and II, Rhythm For All Dictation Exercises, Fifty Ways to Love Your Drumming, Rony Holan Teaches Drums and Polyrhythms For the Drum Set.

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